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  1. Beth G.

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    I have up for consideration a cute little Mille Fleur Project Pullet Bantam size. She is as cute as a button and 5 months old!!! She was tested by the Dept of AG on 11/15/2011 and is Salmonella Pullorum negative & A.I. clean flock for both H/5 H/7 test date also 11/15/2011. I test my birds voluntary every three months and have them in a free range enviroment once they hit three months of age. I am in NPIP program for both S/P and A/I clean. I am currently out of NPIP forms and have made a call to the Dept of Ag last week and today to get more. But there are no guarentee's I will have the forms in hand at the end of auction. I can mail with the bird a recent test paperwork showing her negative test for both S/P and A/I.

    this little peanut has great foot feathering and could bring some nice type and pattern to your flock. She is a cull so understand there is a reason I am selling her. I kills me to let her go b/c she really does have every attribute except she is lacking the white. she has some tiny white tips on her head feathers but, I feel they are growing out. I debated on keeping her and breeding her to a calico rooster but, the DH Said I can't keep them all and told me she had to go up forsale [​IMG]

    So here she is. Please feel free to contact me at anytime with possible questions or concerns. These pictures were taken of her last Wednesday.



    Shipping will be actual shipping to your zipe code. For a peanut like this I haven't much seen shipping exceed $50.00. I will give you a free slightly used box to keep the cost of shipping down. I can not ship to Hawaii or Alaska. I have shipped to VA but, inorder to do so the buyer must pay for the health exam and be able to obtain a shipping permit.

    Also, you must have more than 20 posts to bid. I have heard of some sad story of people opening up new accounts to bid and not come through. Hope this never happens again but, I guess it's a reality we all have to face [​IMG]

    Thanks for looking and I hope this little one goes to a great home!!!

    ***** Edited to say that I started this auction at $1.00 dollar but, there is a reserve. I may be willing to sell her for less than the reserve if it's to the right person [​IMG] *********
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  2. BellaBlue

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    Nov 11, 2010
    hey you never told me you wer gonna sell this one when i was there tody how come? I would have bought her and taken her home [​IMG] now i gotta bid on her and hope i win! lreast i dont have to pay for shipping!
  3. Beth G.

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    Sorry Bella I thought you were obsessed with silkies therefore I didn't mention it [​IMG]. If you win the auction you are definitely welcome to her at a reduced rate since you have some of my cochin stock already [​IMG]

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