mille fleur roo+columbian hen="black patterned yellow/gold columbian"?

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    i was playing around the kippenjungle chicken color calculator ( ) because i am trying to figure out what kind of rooster i want to get for my cochin girls... i was thinking blue mottled but now i am thinking maybe i will just get a mille fleur so i can breed my new mille fleur pullet in the spring. well i have a columbian cochin pullet as well and i put that cross in and it came up with a color i've never heard of... "black patterned yellow/gold columbian"

    i am wondering what this would look like... does anyone have a bird from this type of crossing? i did a google search and came up with nothing! [​IMG]

    please let me know if you have any info on this. i am intrigued [​IMG] [​IMG]


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    Its just the roosters that would be that color, that would be a sexlinked cross using a gold male on columbian hens, so your females will be buff columbian and your males will be that color, which is basicly just the Columbian color like your hen but there would be some yellow coloring mixed in instead of just the pure silver, because the males will be split for both silver and gold genes. They would also be split for mottling so if you bred those Buff Columbian females back to the Mille Fleur roo, half of their offspring would be Mille Fleur and half would be Buff Columbian split for mottling.
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    In case you missed it where you posted it on the Cochin thread here is the pic of a 3 mth old roo from my Mille Fleur breeding pen #4.


    Most of my birds don't look like this but the parents both have buff Columbian in them.
    Here is another photo of one of the chicks.


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