Mille Fleur rooster with leg ulcers/scaly mites?

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    Oct 26, 2008
    My little rooster has swollen, scaly legs with a bleeding boil and several other areas that are now bleeding. He had scaly mites before when we got him a year ago but he the others were treated with bag balm and it seemed to be under control. Today I noticed his legs look very large and painful. I gave him a dose of rimadyl and will be in contact with the avian vet regarding diagnosis and treatment. Any idea what this could be? It does NOT look like bumblefoot (we have lots of experience with that). There's no black scab and and the 'boil' is leaking blood, not pus. Thanks, Lucy
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    Could this "boil" be an infected feather shaft?

    I would bring him in and soak his feet/legs in a nice warm dawn dish soap bath. Rinse him off and get a good look.

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