mille fluer ducle x porclain ducle

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    curious as what would result from the 2 crossing? I have 2 sets of eggs on the wasy (1 of each) and will likely have to keep them both in the same pen. I have a feling I will like the breed, especially since I am seeing all the colors available.
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    If you cross porcelaines with millies you get porcelaines and millies. Since it is technically the same colour pattern just the black and red has been replaced with light blue and cream/white.
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    porcelain is recessive I believe. So if you breed a porcelain to a mille fleur you will get mille fleurs that CARRY pocelain. and then if you breed a mille that carries porcelain to another mille that carries porcelain you'll get 25% pure mille, 50% mille that carry pocelain, and 25% porcelain. Or if you breed a mille that carries porcelain to a porcelain you'll get 50% mille carrying porcelain and 50% porcelain.
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