mille fluer hen has been sneezing

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    Sep 3, 2010
    I have a mille fluer hen that I got in May 2013 and I noticed after a day of having her that she sneezes occasionally off and on. I kept an eye on her as she seemed perfectly fine otherwise. It's been over a year and she still sneezes and hasn't passed it on to any of the other hens. It seems to be something chronic that doesn't seem to get worse but doesn't go away either. I did just notice today though that one of eyes is just slightly runny. Again though, she seems perfectly fine. Obviously, it's something chronic but not serious. Any ideas what it might be?

    Thanks Kim
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    If it comes and goes she could be getting a mild strain of MG, but I would bet that she is having some irritation from dust in the coop or feed, some type of allergen or herb, or from mold in the environment. Look around at the coop for any wet areas, especially hay or straw used as litter that could be moldy. Make sure that your coop has a lot of overhead ventilation without direct drafts. Also, don't heat your coop, since heat can promote respiratory diseases. Read this link about common respiratory diseases, especially aspergillosis, MG, infectious bronchitis, and coryza:

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