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    Jun 8, 2008
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    I was thinking this Mille Flur / Silkie cross is a Roo. Last month I saw my Roo on this bird for a second & wasn't sure it wasn't a fight. Now...the Bird is setting on eggs. My question is about the comb on the Mille Flur - this bird sure seems to have a large (Silkie style) comb - but is apparently a hen.. any body have Mille Flur's with a comb like this. (NONE of my silkie hens show any sort of combs)
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    That's a pullet.

    The silkie's walnut comb is dominate over the d'uccle's single comb. Since d'uccle hens do get combs, it's natural that crosses with them would show some sort of comb in their daughters.
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    Click on the link in my signature if you want even more specific genetic information. I have some charts on my comb genetics page that will explain it in nerdy detail. [​IMG]

    Basically, a single comb is the result of recessive genes for pea comb and rose comb (pp, rr), and a walnut comb has both dominant and recessive genes for pea comb and rose comb in play. Comb genetics is extremely interesting stuff.
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    Something to add, and I know it may be knit-picking, but your bird is a cross of a d'uccle and a silkie. It is probably a millie fleur d'uccle. Millie Fleur is a color/pattern/variety. Just trying to help.
  5. tiki244

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    Jan 1, 2008
    Thats a cute pullet. Cute cross!

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