Millefleur Rooster is having a hard time jumping to roost

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  1. Homestead Newbi

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    Feb 19, 2012
    For the past week, George the rooster has been having a hard time jumping into his coop and on to his roost. He also has a pale comb. He is also getting tired easily and has stopped crowing. I thought it might be an injury, but when I pick him up, he is able to move both legs and he doesn't have any sore spots. He is eating and drinking normally and his poop looks normal. He is housed with a "sister" hen and she is perfectly healthy. Does anyone have any ideas? He is approx. 8 mo old. Thanks for any suggestions.

  2. crazychix

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    Dec 19, 2008
    Portland, OR
    Your roo's symptoms sound similar to my 3yo Orpington hen. She also has a pale comb and can't get to her roost. I took her to the vet last Sept and they thought it might be something neurological and gave her a steroid injection. She also had a bad case of mites and she was dusted at the appt and then I treated her a few more times with Sevin. She had no evidence of worms.
    At this point she has no lice or mites but she still has problems walking and I have to pick her up to put her in her roost/nest box area at night and the last two days have had to take her back down as well. She spends her days on the floor of the run with her head tucked under her water bucket.
    It will cost anywhere from $40 (humane society) to $100.00 to have her put down. I don't know if she is in pain but something is not right and I will be very interested to see if anyone has any ideas what are birds might have. Because I have been out of work for a quite sometime I just can't afford another vet visit and may have to reluctantly take her to the Humane Society this week. :(

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