Millersburg, PA Information


8 Years
May 24, 2011
I had a heck of a time trying to find chicken laws for my small town in PA with Google and even right here on BYC! I finally got my answers, so I wanted to share them here so that the next person in my town that may be wondering can find it easily in the search engine.

I called the borough office and the receptionist told me to call the non-emergency police department number. A very kind officer took my number and called me back after digging up the regulations for me and told me that the only rules that chickens in our town must follow are the same as your standard backyard pets.

You must keep them from running "at large". (This made me giggle!)
Keep their housing clean so that the neighbors don't have to worry about odors or sanitation.
Mind their noise levels. (Dogs in our part of the town bark often, so I don't figure that some clucking would bother anyone!)

There you have it! Chicken laws for Millersburg, Pennsylvania. I hope this helps someone!

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