Millie tries again.

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    After a failed hatch, I was hoping Millie would get over being broody. But no, she just kept stealing the other hens eggs. So I gave her 7 that had been in the fridge (unwashed). 3 are for sure growing embryo's, yay, still a bit early to tell on the other 4 though. The mom is Cluck cluck who is a partridge bantam cochin and the daddy is either a mottled bantam cochin or Rusty the RIR we are an interim home for. From monitoring the activity I am pretty sure Rusty is the dad! Could be cute babies. Anyhow I hope she hatches some this time so she will quit stealing eggs. Anyhow she is determined to be in the tall nesting box and I am worried that once babies hatch then they will fall out! But the last hatch I think croaked because I moved her to a separate pen/different box and she won't stay on the eggs. Guess we will just see how it goes! Cluck cluck keeps laying her eggs right in with Millie so I have the original eggs numbered and take the new egg away every day so I don't have separate hatching times. Complicated [​IMG] I gave her the eggs on Thursday I think so the due date is around the 11th of Aug. My husband asked me if we were ever going to get to eat any eggs, [​IMG] As soon as my 30 other chickens start laying we will have more eggs than we know what to do with!
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    Quote:that's right! [​IMG]

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