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    Sep 29, 2011
    So I will admit I did a little searching of these forums but the search results arent displayed that great and ended up finding Millwood in other states and not mine [​IMG]

    But I have been looking trough and this is the online Codes and Laws for my town.

    So ive been searching for every thing from Poultry to Hen To Cook, Chicken Ect and nothing comes up for residential other than poultry and links to this: Residence-Use.pdf#search= poultry

    Under Permited Princeable Use states:

    *16. The farming of crops and/or the raising of poultry, livestock, chinchillas or rabbits, subject to the issuance of a special use permit by the Town Board. [Added 9-11-1979 by L.L. No. 12-1979]

    Under Permistted Accessory Uses (only in conjunction with a
    District Permitted Principal Uses permitted principal use) states this:

    9. Raising of garden crops, vineyard crops, fruits and plants incident to the residential use of the land; on lots of at least 10 acres, the keeping and raising of poultry, livestock or fur-bearing animals, provided that no such use shall be located within 250 feet of any lot line.

    So what does this mean, I need to obtain a permit unless I had 10+ acres? Wonder if any one could help me understand this one.

    I Live right between Chapaqua and Mt Kisco in Millwood NY and would love to keep 4 Hens for eggs. But this seems to be more problematic so far than I thought, dont see why there is so much law against this.

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