Mimosa Tree Seeds, Cuttings, or Babies :)


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Feb 3, 2009
Hope Mills, NC
My mom is dying for a Mimosa tree but we can't find any around here. We've tried cuttings but evidently I ain't doing it right. If anyone could get a cutting with roots started, or a baby or something, I'd greatly appreciate it. Please let me know what you want for it
I can get all you want!! don't know about the shipping part.. I'll check this week or weekend and see if there is any small enough to go into a flat rate box.
I'll take all the free stuff I can get, and how much is shipping on a flat rate box? this is awesome
I have a CRAP LOAD of the little freakers growing everywhere. Let me know if you want some. In this heat, I'm not sure how well they will do transplanted, but we can try. Let me know and it may be where the next time I got to Fayetteville we can meet.
I got plenty here, and not to mention even more on the side of the road on the way here!!!!
I hope you don't have a well or septic system... those roots can grow up to 30 feet beyond the size of the tree at the time, and they are like willows going straight to water sources. Damaging everything in its way... including pipes!
AND SPREAD like wild fires!! all you have to have is a few, then you have thousands!!!! We mow more down every week or two than I could ever ship
We know where our septic is and can plant them away from it
Thanks for the hint though.

Kandace that'd be great! (Did you ever order those GL Cochins?)

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