My cousin plays it and it looks so fun! I wish I could get it.
Oh well.
I adore Minecraft. However, my gaming computer is still boxed up (I just moved and am trying to get settled, AUG!). Sure, minecraft is probably the least graphics intense game I've played since the original Nintendo, but I LOVE IT. Simple concept, huge scale, endless fun! I've had it since it went to Alpha from Infdev.
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Say, thats a NICE house you've got there. It would be a SHAME if something HAPPENED to it!

PSSSSSsssss...... BOOOM!
you go outside the door.. and you see the CREEPER standing there...PSSSSSSssssss......

Minecraft is a building game, where you are able to construct buildings from materials like cobblestone, dirt, and etcetera. It's graphics are similar to that of early gaming systems, like gameboys, except three dimensional. It's a pretty fun game!

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