Mini breed of chicks for sale in NH- mile fleur D’Uccle X Cochin

Jenness Farm LLC

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Aug 10, 2021
Hey guys!
We are a local dairy goat farm located in Nottingham, New Hampshire that sells all natural bath and body care products, including goat milk soap! We have three Mile Fleur d’Uccle X Cochin chicks available that are a week old and a few more that will be hatching out next week! They are in need of forever homes and can go for free! We would just like them to go to forever homes since they were not planned! (One of our mamas started sitting before we could get the eggs) . The chicks are in Nottingham, NH. Please respond to the thread or directly email [email protected] with questions!
You can also check them and our farm out on insta or Facebook!
insta: jenness_farm_llc
FB: Jenness Farm


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