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    Hope I am in the right place for introduction. The last time I felt confident on a computer was when Windows 95 was the latest and greatest and caller ID was the newest "APP" on my phone. Now I don't know if I'm posting my introduction or starting a new thread. My smart phone is embarrassed by it's dumb operator.

    I currently live on my mini farm with Dodge the ram, Honey, Faith and Peace his wives. Batman the 12 year old Chihuahua, Mitto the 2 year old Doberman and Howard the 2 year old, anti social orange tabby. Howard is like the Cheshire cat, he appears and disappears all over the farm and when you least expect him; there he is. In boxes in the shed, roof of the little barn, under bushes, top of the Quail cage but if company comes he disappears and doesn't return until they leave. You just have to take my word for it...he does exist. Last but not least is Matilda the tenacious red hen. Matilda is old, very old, she survived attacks from the raccoon, the neighbors dog and the other neighbors bobtail cat. I once had a beautiful flock of Barred Rock, Isa Browns and Turkens all lead by the handsome gentle giant Big John who lost his position to the dog and was replaced by Little John. My flock count was in the 20's thanks to the broodiness of Mrs. Prissy the Delaware Turken.

    My place is fenced everywhere, seriously, you about need a map to figure out which gate you need to get to a specific area of the yard. The predators always find a way to get in, the last attack was a pack of dogs that found a weak spot in the fence they could crawl under. They wiped out my entire flock except 2 hens and although I was heartbroken I was determined to carry on. A friend gave me a rooster, several months later a cat got 1 hen and the rooster. I still have the one hen, Matilda, but I was to heartbroken to try again.

    It has been a couple years and although I still miss my old flock I have decided to try again. I currently have 8 Golden Wyandotte and 8 Crowned Polish in the incubator. I wanted to get Turkens but it is so rare to find them outside of the big red ones. I am looking for one like Ms. Prissy, small and gentle Delaware or J.D the Barred Rock Rooster, named after James Dean because he was so handsome and smart enough to get with the ladies only when Little John wasn't looking.

    I may get quails also, I used to have 8 of them and one night I heard a ruckus outside ran out with my flashlight, I never saw what it was but I suspect a raccoon. It had figured out how to undo the latch. I had to put a few of them down because it was the kindest thing to do. I made a new cage for the remaining two and put it on the porch inside the fence, added a gate to the porch and double wrapped the cage in steel mesh. While cleaning the cage the male got away so all I had left was the female, Girly. Girly, turned out to be the best "watch dog". She would have a loud fit if anyone pulled in the drive loud enough that I could hear her from way out in the field. I could open the back door and if I had the radio on she would sing and shake her tail feathers, she was good company but old age took her from me. I still have her iron clad cage on my porch and am considering getting another pair at the flea market.

    I once bought 2 baby guineas lavender and chocolate, at the flea market. When I turned them loose they took up with my neighbors Guineas. They occasionally come visit, scratch around in my yard for the day and go home in the evening. I recognize them because their colors really stand out against the gray ones.

    With all that said I will be giving up my little farm soon and it's hard to let go. I decided to hatch the chickens because fooling with baby chicks helps me deal with the apprehension of change. I can't take them with me because I will most likely be moving into an apartment. I don't know how I will take to apartment life but I keep telling myself their will be more time for my art and other endeavors. Batman will go with me. Mitto will go with his dad (my soon to be X) who graciously left him with me for protection until I'm ready to move. I have a couple people interested in Dodge and family but I'm trying to hang onto them so I won't have to mow the field till the house sales.

    I apologize for the lengthy intro, I was gonna just tell you I'm a 50+ year old hippy living on a mini farm but once I started typing the whole sorted mess just spilled out. I am so hoping this "post" is in the intro spot.

    Thanks for listening/reading about me and mine.
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    Dec 12, 2013

    Thanks for the nice intro!

    There is a section for new member introductions but it takes a while to find your way around BYC. Make yourself at home here, post on some threads, share some photos, join in the contests, etc. Pretty soon you'll be a pro at this.

    Thanks for joining us!
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    Hello there and welcome to BYC! :frow

    Sounds like all your critters sure keep you busy. :) I keep Bobwhite quail along with chickens. Quail are a fun little bird to keep. Much different than chickens, but enjoyable just the same.

    Great to have you aboard and welcome to our roost! :)
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    Hi petunialuvur,
    [​IMG] I love Crossville! Had some friends that lived there. I used to live in Smith County, in the foothills of the Plateau where I raised ticks, weeds and hens ... about ten-plus years ago, but the predators slowly took my hens from me. I started moving around too much and would not have been able to keep them anyway. I'm settled now on just three acres and starting out again with four Guinea keets.

    Sorry about your divorce. It happens, sometimes more than once! Life is a journey and we manage to survive and rise up even stronger and wiser! ;) Consider it a new beginning!
    I know you'll enjoy BYC. There's plenty to keep you busy here!! [​IMG]
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    Do you think you could have a stealth house chicken in your apartment? Maybe a nice quiet bantam. Lots of folks do. You may want to check out " people with house chickens."
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    Thanks for the welcome.
    Wow! This is an amazing site. A lot of fun and interesting people sharing a lot of useful information. So glad I joined.
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    Hello!!:welcome Great to have you!
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    I hope you find the most perfect apartment in the world.
    I wish you the best of luck
    :frowHi there!
    Welcome to BYC.
    We are glad you joined!
    This video should help you learn your way around this site:

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