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May 20, 2008
Up State New York
Hello, about 20 or 25 years ago I bought 25 mini leghorn pullets from a hatchery in Minnisota. They were very small and laid a large egg. There feed to egg production was very good compared to other breeds. They were very flighty though! Tried looking this breed up but to no avail. Has anyone ever heard of these?
Yes. I think that would be Strombergs. They have several different colors.

I have light brown bantam leghorns and white. I got them from personal sources. The light browns came out of Minnesota. They are very cute and run around the yard in a little herd and cannot be caught, They are not egg laying age yet. The whites are more calm and each one lays an egg a day summer and winter, with a few exceptions, but they are very regular. You can only get the chicks from Strombergs in the spring. They are about the size of an old english game bantam, just a 'little' bigger. About 1 1/3 pound.
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