Mini Mule in Alabama 50.00


12 Years
Sep 14, 2007
Ball Ground, Ga
Contact info at end, I have no other information:

Miniature mule for adoption
> Two weeks ago we came home to find a miniature mule moved into the
> shed by the barn. He followed us around like a dog and seemed
> delighted to be put into a pasture and fed hay.
> Good reason. It turns out that he had been tied by a rope on his neck
> to a piece of farm equipment for the last several months. When a bear
> scared him in the night, he got out of the rope and headed our way.
> The owner showed up this week to claim him, but said he would sell
> him for $50. I told him we had a buyer.
> Serendipity (meaning "nice surprise") is about the size of a donkey,
> has two white stockings on his rear legs. He is extremely sweet and
> friendly and neither bites nor kicks. They said he had been ridden at
> one time, but another owner said he bucked when they put a child on
> him. Apparently his only problem is that he can crawl out of a barb
> wire fence, so a stock fence would be required. .He has good feet,
> has been castrated, is fat as a butterball, and if he were not
> healthy, he would be dead. He is good with children. He is not good
> with dogs or coyotes.
> If you are interested in adopting this little fellow for $50, and if
> you have the facilities he deserves, give me a call.
> Harriet O'Rear 706 398 0858
> We are on Lookout Mountain between Cloudland and Mentone, Alabama

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