Mini-Nubian and Mini-Alpine kids for sale


12 Years
Mar 19, 2010
Mini-Nubian and Mini-Alpine kids for sale in Southwest New Mexico. Excellent for 4-H. Showable and registerable. Dams are excellent milkers.

Will be ready to wean on 6/22/10. All kids disbudded, vaccinated, and very friendly. Have been handled by children since birth. Bucks will be weathered after weaning, so if desired for stud please reserve yours early.

One Mini-Nubian doe: $90

Four bucks (2 of each breed): $45 Great for stud, companionship, brush-busting, etc. One of the bucks, Valentino, is especially cuddly.

Please see my post under the Buy Sell Trade section in for many cute pictures.

Please call 575-519-4614 for more information.
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