mini pigs pregnancy length? 2nd pregnancy and not yet 1 year old :(((

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    my boar James managed to break out of his pen sometime during the night and i didnt notice until i went out to feed the pigs this morning and saw him and one of my sows..erm...coupled in love.
    i had no intention of breeding these pigs yet, they are too young and i have yet to find decent information on this breed so didnt want to start until i was 'ready' (this particular sow is only 11 months old and already has piglets from 3 months old..she came to us already pregnant, probably by her own brother and gave birth not long after arriving)

    anyhow im wondering now, since i saw them 'busy' how long is a usual mini pig pregnancy? when should i expect babies? the sows first litter was of just 3 piglets (i thought pigs had more??) could that have been caused by the possibility that she was decked by her brother or due to the fact she was very very young.

    how should i go about looking after her now..due to the fact she is likely now onto her 2nd pregnancy and shes not even a year old [​IMG]

    i blame myself totally for having the sows and boars seperated only by a gate..i thought it would be strong enough, obviously not.

    he's already been shoo'd back to his pen and ive secured the gate better, and i plan on moving the boars out to the barn, well away from the sows now!
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    Its not unusual for pigs to be on their second litter by that age. Thats why you will often see piglets advertised that the parents are only 20 pounds. Yes, they are small because they are young and keep growing for 3 years. So you can see it is done quite often. Pet breeders will be mortified that her brother bred her but in market pigs it is often done with no problems. The real mini pigs do not have many in their litter. This could be from inbreeding and the fact large litters are not selected for in pet pigs like they are in meat hogs. The small litter probably isnt from the males hand in it, but from the sows genetics.
    At any rate as long as she isnt overweight she should do just fine. Feed her a grower diet and wait 3 months, three weeks, and three days for piglets.

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