Mini-sneezes - best course of action?

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    I am hoping to nip in the bud if at all possible what I'm observing with my roo and hen so it doesn't turn into a crisis. As we know, chicken troubles can escalate fast - best to catch early...........
    I noticed a few days back that Annie was making mini-sneeze sounds, very slight. No other symptoms. I've now heard BJ roo do the same thing and saw a small droplet of clear fluid on his beak that I guess he sneezed out, so it would appear there's a bit of a discharge. These are my only 2 birds, and they are much loved.
    Both are otherwise acting normally - look well, eat fine, poop fine. Feathers, combs and legs all the picture of health.
    Avia Charge in their water. ACV once a month or so - no Avia given that day so that they don't get mixed together. Layer and game bird maintenance both offered 24/7. Fresh water twice daily. Little treats of fresh and usually organic fruits/veggies. Sunflower seeds. They are also free ranging some of each day and gobbling the wondrous plants and bugs of spring.
    I believe it was fall when I wormed them with Ivomec Eprinex - preventative - no known worms - doubt they have a problem there.
    Should I do something about the little sneezes to try to avoid a worse situation? If upper respiratory, what are the best remedies when cause unknown?
    Could they actually both have spring allergies - I don't even know if that's something chickens get and maybe far fetched for them both to be affected, I don't know.
    Weather around here is getting quite nice so they shouldn't in theory be compromised from weather right now.
    Thanks very much for any insights.
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    Apr 7, 2008
    Keep a very close eye on them. If they continue sneezing or get worse you may want to start them on an antibiotic (doxycycline terramycin) both these are for respiratory stuff . Good Luck!

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