miniature livestock guardian dog

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    Feb 11, 2008
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    Last night Leo (my Lhasa Apso) became very upset. He jumped out of bed and went to the basement door. His beloved chicks are in brooders in the basement. We had to move them downstairs because DD visits often with her dog, and her dog can't be trusted with chicks. Leo was very upset when they moved downstairs, and he hates DD's dog. Anyway, Leo must have heard a chick in distress. I went downstairs and discovered that one of the babies had jumped out of the brooder and was standing on the cold dark basement floor crying. I'm so glad we found her because she could have wandered into the sump pump pit and drowned. I thought the brooder was tall enough, but I was wrong. There is now a top on it to prevent future escapes.

    Here is a picture of my miniature livestock guardian dog.


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    Great story!! I needed him the other day. One of mine must have jumped out while I was feeding and I did not find her until later that day and she had died.

    Way to go LEO!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]
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    What a Great Dog! He deserves extra treats!

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