Minimizing shipping stress in adult breeding stock

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by BigHornRanchPA, Feb 16, 2014.

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    hi peeps, long time reader (info stalker), but new member.

    QUESTION: After raising a few hundred heritage turks over the years( always from day old poults via mail), I finally found a Bourbon Red trio I purchased to breed. 2 year old gobbler and 2 hens. Drove 2 hours to get them. Very low stress to catch them. Hauled them in covered dog crates in my truck, just as I would haul my bird direct wind, etc.

    Male struts, gobbles non stop, hens go under my artificial brush pile to loaf, lay their daily egg. I kept the feed they were on where I bought them, but have been giving them treats like apples, whole corn, mixed scratch grains, mushrooms, etc. They have unfrozen water and have a large stall in my lambing barn until weather breaks a bit.

    Any suggestions on what else I can do to ensure their health, productivity and happiness after be transported? They don't seem to eat a lot of their regular feed but do pick at the treats. Will they take a while to settle in and want to leave the barn?

    Thank you for any info. Great site and great group!
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    [​IMG] welcome to BYC sounds like you have them well on their way to being spoiled. lol

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