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    Sep 4, 2009
    I have a few very nice cockerels hatched in first week of April from Urch Poultry. I have 3 very nice Buckeyes, a few BBS Cochins, 3 Partridge Cochins, and a Black Australorp.
    I have some that aren't as good quality I will sell for less.
    This is pick-up only.
    I do NOT have hens/pullets to go with them.
    I LOVE the Buckeyes, they follow me everywhere and are unafraid but not aggressive at all with people. They are awesome birds for the balmy Minnesota climate.
    I am unable to load pictures at this time due to computer issues.
    I will have available a few Black Minorcas later in the fall after I have had a chance to evaluate them for breeders to keep. These came from Sand Hill and though not all of excellent quality, I did have BMs from them last year and the ones I kept were very nice, and the hen I still have is an every day layer of a large white egg. Lost my roo so I had to replenish my stock and I am not disappointed.

    I am located 25-miles north of Rochester.

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