7 Years
Oct 22, 2012
Minneapolis, MN
How many Minnesotans are here, and how experienced are you?

Myself? I'm new! No chickens yet, just starting to figure things out! Any advice?
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We are from Minnesota and Welcome to the BYC! We have had chickens since March. I spent A LOT of time in the learning center here on BYC. Then I lurked and lurked and lurked reading everything I could. This led to more and more questions and more and more lurking. I finally started to post! Things I learned... Don't believe the manufacturer for how many chickens their coops will hold. They hold fewer than they say. Plan on more chickens than you originally think you will want. Chickens have amazing personalities. What one chicken flock likes to eat, someone else's will think it is gross and won't go near it. Chicken wire keeps chickens in, it does not keep predators out. Spaces on a coop or run will allow a raccoon to reach in and grab bits of chicken to pull back through - graphically gross, but necessary to know. Fluffy chicken butts are fun to watch. Chickens are relaxation therapy. Get the young ones vaccinated for Marens's disease (sp?). Chicken people are fun! And lots more...
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