Minnie, the rosecomb, gets a spike....

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    Back several months ago Msbear (...aka "Erin") posted a pic of her adorable black rosecomb cockeral. He was to die for. I knew I had to have that in my own backyard! Of all the roosters in all of BYC, I choose eggs from that boy to watch over, stare at, and pray for just one egg to hatch...it was my very first time incubating, my very first shipped eggs, so I had my doubts even in the beginning. But here he/she is, cute as a button, with great personality. I was sharing the pictures with Erin and thought others might enjoy the pics also. If your not familiar with black rosecombs...you should be. They are a wonderful breed, well, at this young age anyway.

    Minnie's adoring family..

    Minnie..... or will it have to be renamed to a more masculine "Mini?" I still can't tell.

    Minnie gets a spike... (I hope you can see, it is very small)

    I will be looking forward in exchanging more eggs with Erin. She is wonderful to work with! Thank you Erin!
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    I think Msbear's Rosecombs are beautiful. You are very lucky to have one from her birds.
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    The kids look like they are very much in love. I do think she is a pullet. All of my cockerals had reddening of the combs and the spike was much larger at this age. Lucky You!!

    She is going through an awkward age but, when she loses those baby feathers, Im sure she'll be a show stopper [​IMG]

    Thanks for sharing and whenever you're ready for another try at RC's, I'll send a few right out to you. [​IMG]

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