Minor Toe Injury


9 Years
Apr 29, 2013
I noticed our pullet Fiona had a short toe nail yesterday and today it looked like some blood came off of it. I plan to clean it tomorrow but can anyone give me advice on what to patch it up with?

If it's still bleeding at all, you can stop it with cornstarch, styptic powder, or even spider webs. They can really bleed quite a bit. It looks, however, from the picture, that it might have already stopped? It's a good idea to clean it so that the others won't be attracted to the blood. Other than that, it will heal fine and will grow a new nail in no time.

Good luck!
Thanks! I hope the blood dried and stopped. I saw some blood on her neck yesterday and I assumed it was because she scratched with that foot. Thankfully she hasn't gotten pecked at yet! I'll check to see if she opened the wound again when I let them out and maybe clean it.
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