Minorca with swollen face, went to vet, got better, now seems worse...

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    Hello Again:
    Well, after posting that our Minorca was doing very well, she seems to be not so well this week. I need some help with specifics on how dangerous she may be or if she is not contagious for the worse possibility (Coryza) since she has been on meds?

    Two weeks ago, Minorca had a swollen face (mostly on one side), snotty feathers on her back, drainage from eyes and nose, and a nasty smelling head.

    Straight to the vet after bleaching everything we could. All two weeks ago.

    Vet said it was not coryza, coryza is not unilateral and this affects only one side of her head. He thought just an infection and gave an injection of lincocyn. We washed her eyes with saline and added neosporin ointment twice daily. She seemed great on Thursday or Friday. This Monday, she did not look so improved. So, back to vet, one more injection of lincocyn, all should be just fine. Not so, Thursday she went back to vet. Vet was busy, so we left Minorca with him and asked if they could test with a swab or something. No test, but given a shot of Baytril this time (I had asked about this on Monday).

    So, here is my question. If she has coryza, is a shot of Baytril enough to stop it? If none of our other hens are showing symptoms, should they be safe? Minorca has been isolated for the past two weeks. I have watched all eyeballs closely.

    We have NO NEW hens in our flock. All are hatchery or hatched here from our original hatchery hens. One rescue hen was added well over a year ago. She shows no signs of anything respiratory.

    I am really not sure what to do. We go back to the vet on Monday if she is not better. But, in the meantime, do I need to get the Coryza vaccine even if no other hens show any symptoms? And, can it REALLY be something else with the symptoms (smelly head and all). Also, she has no nose drainage that I can see and she is not stinky at all anymore. Do I just need to have her put down to save the stress she must be experiencing with all the handling and isolation and trips to the vet (I'm afraid this alone could kill her).

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