Miracle Chick Survival Story: To boost your hopes! LONG STORY

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    As a hatching obsessed person, I know how stressful it is wondering if your eggs will survive when something bad has happened like a power out or someone unplugged the bator for hours. Here's a story that will make you hopeful about any bad incident you ever have.

    Last year in the late Spring, I ordered 12 button quail eggs from the mail. It was my first time with eggs this small. Unfortunatly there was terrible communication between us and the hatchery. The eggs didn't arrive for months. I was beginning to think they completely forgot about them, so I was about to order another dozen, when the eggs arrived the next day. I was as excited as ever, until I found out that the eggs were boiled in the truck in the 110 degree summer weather. I hurried them in and opened the box and my heart cracked. About half where cracked. They were placed in a hard plastic container for shipping with nothing to absorb shock. I threw them away. I noticed that the remaining 7 eggs were covered tip to tip with FILTH beyond cleaning, and not with yolk, with QUAIL DROPPINGS. I couldn't see the shell on ANY EGG. It was devastating. Despite all of this, I placed them in my incubator, almost crying. Surprisingly, 2 weeks later, 5 healthy chicks hatched. I was amazed.

    All 5 grew up happy and healthy. Except one. He was strange. I still see nothing wrong with him, but he's just strange. He was always the one I held the LEAST yet he is most bonded to me. He doesn't even think about running if you go to pick him up. But he would wobble all the time and just stand in a corner all day. He still does this. He eats, he drinks, he bathes in sand, he grooms himself, but for the rest of the time he just stands there, eyes closed, while the others peck at the ground and run around.

    2 months after hatching I gave one of the males away to a little girl who wanted him as a pet. Of course I told her EVERYTHING the quail needs. Food, water, sand, plants, seeds, and love.

    3 months after that the other male got pecked to death by the females for reason unknown. I was hoping to raise his eggs because he was the prettiest of the males and the NORMAL one.

    Then there were 3 left. 2 females and one male, the weird one. I wasn't ever expecting any fertile eggs so I always tossed them when they were laid. But one morning I noticed something. One of the females who was broody got off and wasn't going back, so I picked up the 8 eggs and candled them with curiosity. All 8 had life. I was jumping with joy! I put them back but the female left them alone all night. I was devastated. It was a cold night. In the morning I quickly arranged my backup incubator, since the other one was broken. My ONLY backup incubator was one of those little pitiful yellow dome things. I thought to myself: If they didn't die last night, they are SURE to die in this thing..."

    I set it up and set the eggs, not hoping for much.

    Day 3: I candled them. Life on all 8. Amazing.

    Then on day 5, my mom suprised me telling me that I was going to spend the weekend with my granmda for no reason. (I even asked. She replied: No reason, just to go.) I pleaded that she just come over but my mom refused. I unplugged the incubator and went on the 2 hour bumpy drive. I was as angry as a bull. The incubator got down to 76 for an hour and 40 minutes. I thought to myself that it's pointless, that I should just toss them when I got to the house.

    Day 5: I candled again. Still life. All 8. Wow.

    The drive back was even more horrible. There was traffic this time. Not only did it take 3 hours to get back, but on the way there, a motercycle cut in front of us and my grandma had to stop suddenly. The entire incubator flew out of my hand and the eggs spread on the dashboard. That was it. I knew that was the end of the eggs. I put them in the incubator, not that it mattered.

    Day 8: All 8 Candled with life. A miracle.

    On day 16 I rushed home from school. It was a friday. When I arrived there were 8 pips, and by the end of the day, 8 chicks.

    I still have them all today, and I'm hoping to give them away to more children wanting a pet.

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    Sweeeet story!! [​IMG] Do you still have the "odd duck" one? I'd love to see a pic!!
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    Quote:Of course!! Here he is!

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    OOh he's pretty - good for you, for not giving up. It was meant to be.
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    Aug 7, 2010
    Quote:Here are baby pics [​IMG]


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    That's a beautiful story! Thank you so much for sharing! [​IMG]
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    Neat story! Thanks for sharing!
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    fantastic [​IMG]
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    He's gorgeous![​IMG]

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    That was a wonderful story!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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