Miracle chick!


Sep 16, 2017
I just wanted to share this miraculous/traumatic story!

A few weeks ago I set 19 chicken eggs and 10 quail eggs in my incubator. 4 days later I heard a crash and came running to find my incubator on the floor, lid open, eggs everywhere. My dang cat had knocked it off of the small table I had it sitting on (refer to traumatizing picture). All of the eggs were crushed except for two! After a brief moment of silence to gather myself, I cleaned everything up and set the two surviving eggs back in the incubator (with no hopes of them hatching)..

Fast forward to this morning- I woke up to loud chirping to see my little miracle chick staggering around the incubator! We have a survivor!! And the second egg has pipped! Those babies must be made of steel! And it hatched 2 days early...

Moral of the story: keep cats away from your incubators if you want to prevent stroking out.


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