MIRACLE EGGS! 5 black austrolorp/ (most probably) silky mix


12 Years
Jun 10, 2009
Portland, OR
I need to get rid of these eggs because I am moving and I did not plan on having chicks. These eggs are MIRACLES- I have no rooster and yet these eggs are fertilized. My theory is that silky the rooster up my street payed my girls a visit. Please take these eggs off my hands! I would prefer these chicks would'nt be for the stewpot but I won't deny anybody. I cannot ship because these eggs are Incubating right now, I didn't find out about storing eggs untill too late and I can't bring myself to kill them. I live in bainbridge island, washington so If you are close to me PLEASE TAKE THEM!If you are close enough I might be able to drive these eggs to you as I have a broody that will NOT get of the nest.The first eggs will hatch around the 20th so please hurry! I don't have a digital camera so I cannot show a picture, sorry.
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