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  1. marlene

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    Aug 17, 2011
    After 2 months of treating my pullet for sour crop, i think i have finally cured her.
    I had tried every thing, acv in her water, yogurt, garlic, amongst many other things suggested to me, every time i thought it had got better, within 24 hours her crop was full and watery again, and over time it got worse, at times her crop was so full that i thought it would burst.
    I tried daktarin oral gel as suggested, putting a little gel in her mouth 3 times a day, i went through 3 tubes of the gel and still it did not clear.
    I noticed that she was getting weary, staying in the hospital coop a lot, her comb was very shriveled and dry and it has started to get a slight blue tint to it, i was really worried about her at this point, i knew if i didn't sort this out asap that she was not going to last much longer.
    I bought the canesten once capsule, i opened it up and sprinkled a little of it over some of her food. I did this for 2 days till the capsule was all finished.
    I was scared as i did not know what effect this would have on her, or if it was dangerous, but i figured that i did not have a lot to loose as she was starting to deteriarate and probably would not last much longer anyway.
    I was so delighted when on the third day of starting her treatment, i let her out and she was alert, her comb had picked up and had more colour to it, but the best part was that her crop was completely empty for the first time in weeks.
    I'm keeping fingers crossed that the sour crop is finally over and done with.
    I will update in a few days as to how she is doing, as i know that many people on here have also had to deal with lengthy treatments for sour crop.
    And i would like to thank everyone that has helped me with suggestions on how to treat her and the different things to try.

  2. TinaK

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    Feb 12, 2010
    What a wonderful outcome! Keep us posted. I hope that your pullet continues to improve & that you have finally found a solution for her sour crop.

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