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    Apr 25, 2010
    we have a large mirror in our garage that the peas love to sit in front of. there is also a propane stove that has some glass in it that they sit in front of. they spen an unusuall amount of time in front of these, i was wondering if anyone else has had similar experiances. is it a good thing or is this some silly reclusive behaavior, oh and our two ducks do it as well. all are free range and can go where ever they please.
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    I have encountered the same situtation with my free range pea's but they go straight to the car to see their reflection. At times one of the peacocks pick a fight with their reflection on the car and he begins a battle. Can you say scratches! It gets wayyyyy worse during breeding season. Anything with their reflection on it is an enemy. [​IMG]
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    BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER..............they like to be in a flock.
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    My peas are penned up, though I have caught the geese talking to the birds on the sides of the car [​IMG]
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