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10 Years
Jun 30, 2009
Lebanon TN
I've been looking at what I have and decided to let a few good chickens go..tough decisions as these are all nice birds.I'm going to work on pictures today-sunny and warm something rare here in TN lately.NO shipping sorry Please do NOT hit the BIN button as all of these are for sale(unless you would like all of them!)
2 RARE BLUE Plymouth Rock hatched first week in Feb 1 Very dark blue other lighter $7.00 No longer Available
1 RARE SPLASH Plymouth Rock Rooster hatched first week in Feb $5.00No longer available
2-Barred Rock Pullets hatched 10/3 these are real sweet.Selling because I kept the roo from the same hatch and would prefer all of my hens to be non related..Will be laying soon $7.00 each All SOLD
Pair Mille Fleur Leghorn Hatched last fall roo and pullet $30.00 pair
Cuckoo Marans She is laying daily lays a lighter egg than the Wheaten or BC but reliable $10.00 coming a year old she's a free ranger
Mixed bred layer lays daily looks like a Sex link leghorn-marked like a BSL built like a leghorn lays brown eggs and good ones $10.00 she's a free rangerVictim to wild critters dinner while out and about
Mixed bred layer not bantam but small and beautiful.Reliable layer $7.00-only because her eggs are also smaller she's a free ranger
2-Mixed bred bantams daily layer super dependable there these are free rangers $5.00 each
1-RIR Rooster hatched last Sept huge frame very dark red extremely gentle $5.00
Any that are free rangers I would have to catch at night so if you would like to come get one or more please let me know ahead of time so I can have them in a pen. I also have some nice chicks!I'm trying to get my numbers DOWN to around 150 :yaLD
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