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    Apr 11, 2011
    my baby is in a bad way. I found her last week battling to walk. I thought she had an injured/broken leg. My husband saw my Aricauna rooster chasing her to mate so we thought this the source of her injury. When I put her down to walk to see which leg was broken, she hobbled and dragged herself along and it was very difficult to tell exactly which leg was injured - I wondered about both. She has subsequently got worse. She cannot walk, drags herself around, eats her feed and chopped boiled eggs and shell I give her; drinks the electrolyte and vitamin water I give her but flaps around and drags herself around and knocks her water bowl and food bowl over continously. She also keeps opening her beak wide as if trying to breath - especially when eating, but there is no rasping noise or discharge. I am desperate. She is very thin and I can't seem to feel any crop. please can someone help us.
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    How old is she? This sounds like Marek's Disease.

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