Miss bella broody butt strikes again.


9 Years
Apr 19, 2011
So miss Bella is broody AGAIN. the 3rd time time since November.

We have 2 little baby chicks, a silver laced wyandotte, and a buff cochin frizzle banty.
We evicted the babies from the house a week ago. They have been living in the unused duck pen to give them and the big birds(bella the salmon fave, bo the BO, and 2 ducks). They have an insulated dog house in there and the first few nights I blocked them in until they got used to it. After a few days they knocked down the things I had blocking a small gap between the wood fence and the poultry netting. They roamed the yard and were integrating nicely, but would run back to the safety of their yard if they got startled(think big dog that protects the babies and would bark if any other animal goes near them, but scares them half to death in the process).
Well, last night we had a small downpour...the witless wonders, instead of going to their dog house or under the porch, decided to stand next to the ducks pool screaming. Of course we went out and rescued them. Instead of slip sliding across my garden of mud to return them to their yard I decided I would lock them and Bo in the chicken pen, which is attached to the coop(where Bella is sitting on 3 fertilized duck eggs)...I thought later "this could end badly". Fortunately, despite little babies yelling it was all good. Bo has been in the yard with them and ignores them.
This morning I let them out, left the door of the pen open so they could wander the yard. great day...until this afternoon when it POURED. My kid went out and locked the babies in the chicken pen again.
Tonight I went out to check on them and let them out, and to get Bo's egg out from under Bella(it seems Bo is laying in the same nest, and Bella is pushing the egg under her, so I get to steal it).
The SLW(Bill) had managed to get out somehow(the coop/pen is built into the corner of the shed, the door of the coop isn't flush to the wall as there are 2 2x4's in the way), but Squiddly, the banty, was no where in sight. I searched the yard and the duck pen, but no little fluff ball...so I decided to steal the egg and go inside to recruit the terrible teens to help me search the yard...No need...
Below is what I found...
Little Squiddly was all tucked up against her new surrogate momma, and Bella didn't seem to mind a bit.

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