Miss buffy brings chicks in from the rain,,, pics of kitchen chicks


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Mar 28, 2007
Forest Grove
So Miss buffy went broody when we had a rain storm for two weeks, so i put her in a crate and put her in the kitchen where it was warm and dry. Everyday, i took her off the nest and out to eat, ,,, she learned to run back in the ktichen, into her crate.
Now it is rainy and cold,, so she brings all the chciks in for a scenic tour of the kitchen. looking for her crate, which is out side the door.....
so do I have kitchen chickens now????
so suddenly I can't post pics,,,, no up load.... dammm i have some cute pics,, but the up load is missing
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sorry i post on other forums with much easier up loads,, byc is confusing......

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kitchen chicks are easy,, get a broody buffy and put her in a crate in the kitchen,,,,, they never want to leave!!!!

both shelties are well trained, I am a dog trainer, both are on on down stays,,, or they would run the gang out now!
the big grey has to be reminded every batch of chicks" mine, don't kill" he thinks they are chicken mcnuggets on the wing.....
last night, buffy took the kids for a long walk around the garden..... two shelties, two cats,,, watching....... buffy made all the dogs move so she could bring the chicks to me.... they moved.... chickens are so interesting.
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Cute family and pretty dogs too! I'm from outside of Portland, Newberg. We are just getting our chick run fenced this weekend. Kids(5 pullets) are sleeping in the garden shed till the coop gets built. I just brought them in cuz it was threatening thunder. Looks like she and you collaborated well.
Rachael C -mother of all.

mom buffy had all six the kids out in the rain,,, then sat on the porch with them before checking out the kitchen as an option for the night
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