Miss Little is very sick


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I have a little Seabright hen that is acting really off. She is molting but in addition to going through a molt, the back half of her comb is dark grey/black color. I have seen her eat some in the morning but her crop is empty tonight and I noticed she just stood around during free range time this evening. I brought her inside and looked inside her mouth and it seems pale to me.
She is about 3 pounds and she is 3 1/2 years old.
Any ideas?


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Molt is really hard on a bird.
Go look in your pet store in the cage bird section as they will often carry a supplement/vit especially formulated for birds in molt. Offer live culture yogurt free choice and mix in a scrambled egg with its feed. If it seems to be drinking too little add elctrolytes/vit to its waterer for a few days to prevent dehydration
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Sorry to hear about your hen. Their comb can be an indicator of their health. I am unsure what the discoloring on hers means. Have you looked up poultry diseases to see?

I would fix her up some vitamin/electrolytes and sugar water. You can mix some in her feed to make it soupy. And cook egg yolk and give to her.
Mine will usually eat it when nothing else interests them..

Good luck with her and keep us posted.

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