Miss Mean Chick goes back to her buddies


13 Years
Mar 8, 2008
Southwest Missouri
I've posted a couple of times about our mean chick and the various ways we've been trying to reform her.

After trying all other alternatives, we ended up keeping her indoors alone in the brooder for an extra six days after the others went out to the brooder room in the coop.

Finally, yesterday, I took her out to the coop and let her in with them. She had clearly lost all her status, and though she pecked at a feather or two, she was suddenly the one getting flack from the other chicks.

Our little Roo-in-Charge and the higher ranking pullet chicks got in several good pecks on her head (no blood drawn, seemed to be purely disciplinary, know-your-place kind of pecks). As of now, she is behaving.


Anybody reading about her for the first time, she was not doing typical baby-chicken exploring pecking. Hers started at about 2 weeks of age and was serious, feather-pulling, blood-drawing stuff.

Thought this might help someone. I'll post again if she reverts.

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