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    How often should the chickens be given yogurt, and about how many tablespoonsful per chicken. I often wonder if I'm giving them too much. I make a gallon about every week or two, but Anne and I eat most of it.
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    Its not really a scientific issue. I just throw a cup or so in a glop on the floor for them once a day or more if they've been sick or had antibiotics. I have a dozen birds right now who eat the stuff.
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    Apr 11, 2009
    I would do this for the chickens so they can enjoy the full amount of yoguart instead of flipping it about. I always made the
    probiotic wet mash with crumbles, milk and yoguart
    1 qt of dry crumbles
    2 qts of milk
    either fresh, sour ( made by adding 2 tbsp of ACV to gallon of milk) or buttermilk
    1/8 cup of yoguart non flavored kind
    mix good and feed chicks all this 2 tsp per chick
    any not used put in frig

    I would use some apple cider vineager in their water
    2 tsp per gallon
    it will help the digestion of the feed

    they only need it what they clean u in 20-30 minutes
    and if you like using the yoguart insted of the milk do so

    they will only eat for
    chicks 2 weeks or older 2 tsp per time of wet mash

    Older Chickens
    3 tbsp per time feeding wet mash

    they can have it daily if you use the crumbles with it

    but then clean out the feeder after they get it ate in 20-30 nibutes

    with summer coming the heat may spoil the feed
    so only feed what they can eat. The yoguart is really good for them as it is milk made into solid form

    milk is a basic mainstay for chicken feed
    Hopefully the chickens will have lots of good Gut Flora to fight off diseases

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