Miss you all & graduation craziness

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    Hi everyone,
    Just stopping by to say hi! Miss you all. Sorry I have not been on much. I work for our local elementary school district and it’s been super busy. I also have a senior of my own graduating high school, and there is tons of prep for that. I’ve had a sick hen I am keeping my eye on and trying to keep the stress level in the flock down, but it Won’t. Stop. Raining. in. May. in. California. I seriously think it’s the coldest, wettest May on record. There will be skiing in Tahoe in July! Anyway, I cleaned turds from the coop today and some were moldy. Moldy???

    Anyway, all is well. Just busy. And wet. Oh, and I had a high blood pressure scare a couple weeks ago. Which is odd, since I’ve been working out hard every weekday morning for a couple months.

    Will try to help on the emergency forum more once school is out (not that I’m a super big help, but I try when I can.)

    I hope everyone is well!

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