Missing chicken...think I know why


12 Years
Aug 20, 2007
So Goldie, one of our mutt bantams has been missing for a few days and I was afraid she had gotten out somehow. Though I have no idea how that would have happened since they have a privacy fence.
Well the bf said he has seen her briefly Thursday but I figured he mistook the other bantam girl, Blondie for her. Today Goldie showed up, but again only for a few moments so I am guessing she has gone broody somewhere.
Which is NOT what we want as we do not ever want to breed chickens. But we can not find where she is going so it looks like we may have some chicks in the future...
My question is, should this be whats going on with her, what size would the chicks grow up to be? The daddy is either a Buff Orp or a RIR.
Here is Goldie:



12 Years
Jan 13, 2008
Sun City, California
Probably, especially if she is acting or sounding different from usual-- making a lot of little noises and raising the feathers on neck and tending to spread the wings or tail feathers.. and seeming to eat like there's no tomorrow.

If you really want to find her nest to collect the eggs, just stay outside next time she is off the nest.. feed her and just keep her in your sight at all times.. she will eventually go back to her nest. Follow or keep her in your direct line of sight at all times.

Hens often hide nests in surprising places, even in places right under your nose or someplace that is totally obvious sometimes.

If you really don't want chicks, it is OK to take all of the eggs at once.. if you have a coop or cage, can keep her locked up for a couple days to let the broody hormones cycle out then she will be fine.

If the roosters were actually able to breed her, they will be larger than her, probably a large bantam size with some sort of just about smallish standard sized.

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