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    About a month go I noticed my hens were missing feathers (especially by their rump) and looking kind of jangely. I checked them over and found lice (EW!!!). Treated them for it and haven't seen any more creepy crawlies, but the feathers are still gone... Any idea how long it takes for them to grow back?


    Edited to add - We don't have roosters, so that's not it.
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    Feather regrowth can take a bit.

    If a feather is plucked out - the shaft removed from the skin - THEN the feather folicle is stimulated to produce a new feather.

    If a feather is broken off - flush with the skin or leaving a small feather shaft - Then the missing feather will not be replaced until the natural molt.

    Remember to retreat for lice within 7 to 10 days after your first treatment - this will kill the knits (babies) who have hatched since your first treatment.

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