missing goose


8 Years
May 1, 2011
So i went to close the geese about 20 min after sunset maybe less, well only the goose was in there, she didnt look to traumatized and was talking normal, but the gander was missing, could he of just wanted to sleet outside somewere and not come in the coop at night? but if so why would the female leave him, im pretty sure nothing got ahold of him!
Idk i have class till noon, and overslept so i wasent able to open them i called the girlfriends mom to do it for me since its there farm, but she said it wasent around, there isnt coyotes, only coons and hawks, but it disappeared when it was still light out, so idk ill go look through the woods and by the creek when i get out of class in a few hours, who knows maybe it wondered off to far and got lost if that has ever happened or it has been killed idk.
I don't have a lot of experience, but the only time I've ever seen a goose go off on its own was when something was wrong with it. Then, a predator would get it. Predators can live right under your nose without you ever seeing or hearing them for their entire lives, even in urban areas.
any news on your gander?
I hope you found him!
I lost two of my geese today and am devastated. Three are over at the dam so at least I know they’re together but two flew in the opposite direction and now I can’t even hear them calling. We have Tasmanian devils here who took a goose before, but I just want to know that at the very least they’re together and not by themselves. Searched everywhere and no sign :( Any chance they’ll find each other again?
I'm so sorry you lost your geese. I am not sure if they got separated they would be able to find each other but hopefully, they stayed together. And maybe they will find their way back home too. Maybe put up flyers around where you live with contact info.
Just thought of something not even sure it would work but if you could find some geese calling to each other on your phone and maybe play it in the areas you think they may have flown to they might even answer back?

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