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Nov 3, 2010

Writing here I guess mostly to vent, but also to see if anyone out there can give me some encouragement or advise...

It's a long story, but last spring I rescued a beautiful brown African goose (we named him "Papa Goose") on the golf course. He had a seriously broken leg. Papa has resided in our golf course community pond for the past several years. I was able to raise enough money for the veterinary bills. He had surgery, rehab, and then was returned to us approx 2-3 months later. We thought it would be nice to surprise him with a mate upon his return to us. She was a beautiful, white, Chinese goose, and we named her "Mama Goose." They took to each other immediately! It was love at first honk! It was so fun and fulfilling to watch her grow up over the past eight months. I wish this story had a happy ending, but it doesn't....

A few weeks after her arrival, as Mama became more familiar with her new home, she began to venture out onto the golf course tee boxes and greens. She is a very SOCIAL goose. Of course, the golfers began to complain, and even more so when Mama became aggressive with some of them. I have gone through so many attempts at trying to calm her down, and she was beginning to show signs of less aggressiveness. I have read that it may take a goose 2-3 years to mature. Anyway, I would go to the pond every night and feed them in a hidden cove...spend about 30 mins with them. She eats right out of my hands. I had to represent her at a community association board meeting to prevent them from removing her late last year. There was a lot of stress with this, especially amongst the golfers.

A couple of weeks ago, after I received notice that there had been another complaint filed, they demanded I remove her. I have been searching for good homes for her but the farms we looked at here (central Florida) were not protected enough against predators (bobcats, foxes, coyotes, etc). After much thought, we decided to send her back to the barnyard where we initially got her as a baby. We decided to leave Papa with us and only take her.

Well, that was Thursday night. It has been two days of pure heartwrenching agony. Those of us who loved her miss her SO much. Also we are sad when we go visit her. She is not accepted into the barnyards clicks (2 buff geese...that have eggs), a Royal Palm turkey and his harem, a dog, and chickens. She is alone. We are extra concerned because she is so social with people. We visited her today, and she wouldn't leave our sides. Just sat and stared at us and made gentle little noises.

My questions are this...does anyone know if these geese can get depressed? Currently, she has no interest in the swimming pool he has on property. She is used to a very large pond and lots of socialization. I took her food today, and she ate but not with the same zest she usually does. She looks lost. And, if she gets depressed, what could happen? Could she starve herself to death? She's only a little over a year old. We miss her terribly and want to bring her back to us so very much!

Any input from those who may have had experience on having to give up their beloved geese?

Heartbroken in Clermont, FL...
I am going to sound like a mean SOB but this is what happens when you over socialize a goose. They think every human just loves them and when they don't she no longer has the natural fear and respect for humans. when they try to chase her away she attacks and sitution builds on both sides. I assume Papa goose was already a adult when you befriended him and his leg injury propably kept him to the pond where he wouldn't bother the golfers and a big old african gander looks great on the water, gives the place some class.
Yes geese can be depressed, she probally misses her pet humans and her Papa (that wasn't love, Papa adopted her a young gosling that needed attention) maybe if Papa had raised her without humans she would be swimming with him now and staying away from the golfers as he must.
Give the poor goose a chance to try to form a bond with the farm animals, if not the geese maybe the turkey or the chickens will let her hang out... I know this sounds just plain mean but I feel you need to hear my truth.
I am so sorry

I have two ganders and one hen and my one chinese gander is also social. Whenever im outside he follows me around and talks to me and my mated pair often leave him behind if he is hanging with me
I am so sorry to hear about your mama, i know how it is to have much loved feathered friends only for them to go to a home that makes you want to burst into tears and steal them back when you visit

I dont have any solutions unless you could part with Papa as well and see if the new owners of Mama would take him as well. That way at least they have each other.

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