Missing serama "Silver" on the way home from Bluebonnet Classic Show TX


Little TX Seramas
9 Years
Jun 21, 2010
Help needed for a missing serama "Silver"


Haleigh, one of our LSSSC youth members, has lost her champion serama rooster "Silver" on a trailer accident on their way home from the Bluebonnet Classic show. He was inside a blue extra small Pet Taxi when it fell out of the trailer. Haleigh's family is offering a reward for "Silver's" return or information leading to his return. Please call Tracy at 210-204-4794.
Appears to have disappeared in College Station along Texas Ave between the show venue and Walmart.
Here's the email from Tracy:

"We were traveling on Texas Ave and were just crossing an intersection where the Wal-Mart is when I hear what sounded like a tire blowing out. We pulled off Texas Ave into the Wal-Mart parking lot and spent just over 1.5 hours canvssing the street, shoulder, and drainage culverts. At the intersection itself, we did see shavings floating all around from the plastic bag of shavings that also fell out with Silver's blue Pet Taxi. The plastic bag itself and all traces of Silver and his carrier were absent. We even checked along Texas Ave as far back as the sub shop where we had stopped to grab dinner."


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