Missouri pick up only Jersey Giant Quad from Bobbi Porto stock NPIP


11 Years
Feb 1, 2008
St Louis MO (Jefferson County)

posted my quad of Jersey Giants on Craigslist, beautiful birds, but I am limited on space and have to make way for my sussex that are growing up, and don't want to run the risk of mixed breeds. The hens are laying nice sized brown eggs, These are less than a year old, from Bobbi Porto stock. 2 blacks & 2 blues, 3 of 3 eggs were fertile and I hatched 2 of their chicks with a broody bantam hen, so I know the Big Boy has been doing his job. He will come to you for treats and has been less timid and letting me pet him more. I did vaccinate these as chicks against Mareks. They are getting HUGE and are starting to hurt themselves from jumping off my coop's roost which is 4ft high, I think someone with a lower roost or a Jersey Giant set up will really enjoy this quad. I also feel sorry for my poor Langshan hens who are getting almost flattened with 'Big Boy's' affection. He is a good rooster, and has never gone after me or my kids. If I had a farm, I'd just build them their own coop, but Big Boy's crows are massive, and the neighbors will only be tolerant for so long. PM or e-mail me if interested if you can pick up. I'm in Jefferson City Missouri- kind of 2hrs east of KC and 2hrs west of ST Louis.

Thanks for looking!

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