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Jun 7, 2017
Foristell, Missouri
Posted this on the Missouri where-are-you-from post, but it works here too ;-)

Well, this former Michigander just married a lifelong Missouri woman and the first thing we did when we bought our first house together a few months ago was get some chicks. 20 Buffs and 12 Hoover Black Sex Links. Lost one of the Hoover Blacks the first day, but all of the others are doing great! My wife never expected me to basically take over the care of them. When she was a little girl and they had them, they expected about a 10-20% fallout, but in my mind, one loss is too many! I recently nursed a sick one back to health and now she is almost a "house chicken". Now we are no way set up to keep 31 full size hens on our little 3 acre lot (2 acres of woods), so I have accepted eating a few and maybe selling a few. We want to eventually end up with about 10 layers.

They are kind of addictive ;-) Now that the Blacks and the Buffs are about 9 weeks and losing some of their cuteness, we decided that we had to have some of the Bantams from our local Rural King. Now, talk about cute!! Those little puff balls have stole my heart!

Enough rambling, I just wanted to thank everyone here - I have spent the last few months reading several posts and learning a great deal about raising chicks and I am even planning on making my own booder this weekend based on a design I saw on this site!

I'll post some pictures and probably end up being a regular contributor since I can't seem to get enough of them darn silly chickens!


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Yes, get bantams especially heavily feathered ones like silkies. Not worth eating !

Welcome to BYC, nice to meet you Tom.

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