Misuse of Antibiotics

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by robin416, Dec 3, 2011.

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    Part of managing our flocks is determining the proper time and proper treatment for a bird or birds that are down. I am a stickler about misuse of antibiotics. It frustrates me to read that once again someone put a bird on antibiotics for no really valid reason or assumed that because its an antibiotic its got to fix the problem. One of the reasons forums like this are developed is to educate in all areas of proper flock keeping. Take the time to investigate or to ask before making snap decisions that not only affects your flock but mine and everyone elses in the long run. The misuse of antibiotics is going to create antibiotic resistant bacteria and then what? What is going to be left out there for us to treat a deep wound or a respiratory bacterial infection?

    Lately I've seen a specific drug being recommended for reasons other than its specific target disease. Its about the only one out there that can knock out Mycoplasma, yet I see it being recommended for other uses.

    Please stop and think, investigate because the choice you make can affect my flock and everyone else out there.
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    Yes, that's why we have all of these human super germs, MRSA, VRE....all of this antibiotic overuse in humans is just feeding all of these resistant bugs. Unfortunately it's part of a national problem and way of thinking.
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    When I first got my chicks and went to the feed store and asked for feed , they brought medicated,luckily I looked at the bag, I had to ask specifically for non medicated. The problem lies not just with the consumer. My next batch of chicks has been free ranging and eating organic feed, I have not lost any chicks. I think over medicating will not only lead to resistant bacteria,it will lead to chickens with weak immune systems. Only as a last resort would I use any medications,ever.
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    Last resort? That isn't actually correct thinking either. The drugs are available to us to use when we need them. The most important word there is need. If the proper drugs are withheld too long there is a plateau that is reached when the drug can no longer fight the amount of infection. If we are smart enough to keep animals, we are also smart enough to administer the proper medications in the proper amount and proper kind. It takes thought, consideration, asking questions if we're not certain. We ask about how long to wait to let a pipped egg set before intervening, why not ask about the correct drugs or should we use them?

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