Mite bomb??

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    Apr 2, 2009
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    Probably a silly question~ Is there such a thing as a bomb to tackle mites in the coop? I have 37 chickens(24 -8 week olds) I discovered mites on one of the babies yesterday. I really can't imagine dusting 37! how do the big chicken farms control mites. I was hoping there is a bomb, like a flea bomb that you close up and activate in the coop while everyone is out for the day~ then perhaps DE or lime in the deep litter. Thanks
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    Sadly, in order to control the mites, you will indeed have to dust each and everyone, and/or treat individually with some off-label method.

    And once you've done so you'll need to treat their coop/quarters too. Sprinkle Sevin dust in the next boxes and on the roosts and floor.

    And if you want to "bomb" the place, get yourself some "Dairy Spray" like this:

    But just using dairy spray won't kill the mites on your birds.

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