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    Northern fowl mites???? Not sure what exactly I'm dealing broody hen had crusty scabs and bleeding on her face, and then I saw clear grayish bugs running around her feathers near her head and face...maybe about 20 or so. Cleaned out and sprayed entire coop with bleach/soap/water solution and poultry protector, put DE and permethrin down on coop floor under fresh pine bedding. Dusted all my birds the best I could with garden and poultry dust (permethrin), and used drops of ivermectin pour on at the neck area, and above the vent area. The next day I found the bugs in the picture, alive, floating in the water near the broody hen. Since then I have seen a few more light colored bugs in water dishes in the coop, a few on the food bag in storage in the coop, and a few when I cleaned out the nest boxes...even found a few on me! YUCK!!!! Hoping they have gone away, but not sure if I need to re-dose with ivermectin or not...
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    Try using Adams flea & tick. That's always worked for me.
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