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    Mar 27, 2009
    Not that I have any reason to believe we have mites, but, how do I look for them and what do I look for? Then, what do I do if I see them?
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    Apr 11, 2009
    I posted the mite and lice thing on this site
    under miscolored patches or missing feathers
    I would use the 1/2 kerosene and mineral oil mixture and paint the roots and the cracks in the building or know holes in boards
    that is where mites and lice live and come out at night and suck the blood of the birds to live. they also hatch more mites and lice behind the boards

    Now take and dust all birds with seven5% and then make a box with
    gallon of sand or soil
    and 1 cup of seven 5% so they will dust in the mixture
    Also you can use diatomaceous earth FOOD GRADE
    it will knick the mites and lice and they will dry up.
    you need to inspect the birds and see if they have discolored areas on back by oil gland
    also in the vent area
    I used Adams flea off mist for cats and dogs and sprayed their vent( besure and hold your finger over the vent so a not to get the mist in the vent)
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    Aug 22, 2008
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    The BEST thing I found was flea shampoo (bought at Pet Smart for Dogs). get the one for lice and mites. Just shampoo your bird and if you have a bad infestation you'll see them drop right off. Then blow-dry your birdie and they're good as new. [​IMG]

    You'll also need to sterilize your coop before bringing them back into it. Preventative every 7 days with Sevin dust, from HomeDepot garden section (I think I got 2%?). I sprinkled a bit over the bird the next day just to be sure, but really, I found the shampoo was easier on me and the birds loved being in the warm water! I've heard people say chickens dont know the difference, but I beg to differ. They are such babies. [​IMG]

    Hope this helps!

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